Master project 2014-2015: Youth
We are the ‘me me me generation’, the trophy kids, generation 9/11, the global generation, the boomerang generation, the Peter Pan generation, the millenials, the echoboomers, the selfie generation. We are the first generation that grows up with internet, computers and social media. We are the perpetual students that keep postponing ‘real’ life. Growing up is a challenge. We grew up with the idea that we could do anything we want, that we are special and unique. We suffer from multiple desillusions. Our expectations in life are considered to be unrealistic. Or not? We graduate during or just after an economic crisis when finding a job is challenging, and find ourselves freelancing and jobhopping like mad. We just want to do something we like and that makes us happy. We want to do it better than the previous generations. We want to make a difference. We want change. This was my Master project from my fourth year at Sint-Lucas academie.
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